Workbench for Maker Ed Companies

Get the industry’s top learning community for your products–custom-branded nearly overnight.

Your products are amazing, but you need to ensure that students, teachers, parents–as well as hobbyists–have a one-stop shop for building meaningful connections with your products. Partnering with Workbench provides your customers a space where authentic projects can be created, shared, and assigned with a simple mouse-click. Give your users a place to post inventions, to gain deeper learning, or simply to do awesome things with your product.

Focus on your amazing product, and let Workbench be your learning community:

  • Already have a community? We make it easy to convert content and users to Workbench.
  • Gain access to user data and what matters to your customers
  • Ensure long-term engagement and product resales
  • Branded content repository: Increase sales to schools and parents with vibrant content

Be in great company

  • Have mashups with top maker brands who are already Workbench partners
  • Gain reseller who directly sells to school districts, libraries, and museums

The nitty gritty

  • COPPA and FERPA compliance: Transfer confidence to schools and consumers
  • Project building tools: Let kids, parents, and teachers publish inventions with your product. Your customers become your best marketers
  • Build confidence in your product with standards-based content
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Google, Canvas, Engrade and more
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