Workbench for Districts

Workbench helps you teach and learn with projects:

Create a plan for implementing a Project Based Learning approach across your district.

Connect Schools and Teachers

Having everyone author and share projects on Workbench means all teachers can access and teach with projects created in your district--no more silos.

Organize District Content and Resources

Tag and align content to make it easily discoverable by standards, grade levels, subject areas, and more, so teachers drill down to what they need in a couple of clicks.

Create a Systematic Approach

Take ownership of the resources your teachers are already creating, and turn them into a valuable district library that administrators and coaches can monitor, and that teachers can use with confidence.

Continuously Develop Teacher Skills

Review teacher-created projects to identify strengths and weaknesses in their PBL approach. Work with them to improve their skills, and leverage the Workbench team to help support areas where you need help with targeted PD sessions.

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