About Workbench


Learning by doing works, and we are on a mission to help teachers at all levels provide meaningful educational experiences at scale. We want to assure everyone has access to 21st-century tools and pedagogy while creating a culture of learning that gives the student ownership of their education and helps them develop into creative problem-solvers.


We are makers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and developers, but above all, we are learners. The Workbench team comes from a variety of backgrounds, in and out of the education world. That allows us to support our customers with perspectives that both resonate with them and help them grow. What ties us together is our belief in learning by doing and the difference we can make by helping educators impact students through meaningful experiences every day.


Some say computers are going to take over the world, at Workbench, we use them to make the tough stuff easier. Our SaaS platform designed for teaching with projects integrates seamlessly into existing environments like Google Classroom and other Learning Management Systems to help teachers rapidly scale hands-on teaching and learning.